Silent Socks furniture pads are tested in the Akustikverkstan (Acoustic workshop) sound laboratory. A comparative study between Silent Socks and some common felt and plastic pads on the market shows that Silent Socks have a very good sound absorbing capacity. Depending on the type of chair and floor tested, noise levels are reduced by up to 18 dB(A) compared to the original pads. A noise reduction of only 8-10 dB(A) is experienced as a 50 % reduction in noise level.

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås also tested Silent Socks furniture pads for wear. A comparative study between Silent Socks and several common felt and plastic pads showed that Silent Socks have very good durability. A chair loaded with 50 kg was drawn back and forth over a distance of 40 cm. The test was stopped after 40 000 cycles – Silent Socks were still intact. The second best pads in the test broke down at 23 000 cycles. The tests were carried out on linoleum flooring. Silent Socks HD have been tested in our own test rig to meet the higher demands from tough ceramic tiles and stone floors with seams and/or joints.