We humans are not built for noisy surroundings.


Noise disturbs our concentration, it hinders conversation, contributes to stress and can cause hearing damage, as well as sleep disorders. Traditionally, noise has been associated with traffic, factories and workshops, but is increasingly being recognized also in other areas, such as schools, pre-schools and offices. Silent Socks furniture pads offers an easy way to improve our sound environment. Both the outer sock of felted wool, or wool/synthetic, and the internal rubber part are sound isolating by themselves. Together they form a highly effective tool in the fight for a better audio experience. Silent Socks grey colours are designed to be quiet and discrete elements in all types of rooms, something that is especially important in school settings with anxiuos children who are easily distracted by too many splashes of colour. The grey colours are also suitable for other locations where you do not want to disturb a uniform decor. Also, dust is considerably less visible on grey. For those who instead wants a vivid interior detail Silent Socks Original are also available in contrasting black, red, brown or blue. It’s not just the sound environment that benefits from Silent Socks furniture pads, they’re also gentle to the floors. And since we also care about our environment at large, we use renewable materials, like wool, as far as possible.